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CC Selects at home ✕ The Fifty Eleven Project

Vær med, når vi lancerer CC Selects i en hjemmeudgave og præsenterer onlinepremieren på den audiovisuelle udgave af ambient-albummet The Fifty Eleven Project komponeret af Kasper Bjørke Quartet. Glæd jer til 11 kortfilm, en film til hver komposition, som er skrevet og instrueret af den LA-baserede instruktør og visuelle kunstner Justin Tyler Close. Som en del af oplevelsen kan I lytte til to DJ mixes af Kasper Bjørke, der er lavet specifikt til premieren her på CCs hjemmeside. Det ene mix er lavet som en optakt til visningen, det andet mix kan lyttes til efter filmene.






Aftenens program

Kl. 17.00: Optakt: CC Selects at home – Ambient Mix af Kasper Bjørke

Kl. 18.00: Visning af de 11 kortfilm

Kl. 20:00: Afrunding: CC Selects at home – Soiree Mix af Kasper Bjørke

Filmene er produceret af Prxjects (et kulturlaboratorium initieret af Mercedes-Benz), Kasper Notlev (ArtOfficialAgency) & Institute of Weather.





Alle 11 individuelle film kan ses her.

Du kan lytte til albummet her.

En hilsen fra Justin Tyler Close

Dear World,
It’s difficult to find the words amidst a time of greater importance but I’ll do my best at introducing THE FIFTY ELEVEN PROJECT, which premieres on JUNE 18TH with COPENHAGEN CONTEMPORARY.
First off, thank you KASPER BJØRKE QUARTET! You created a timeless record, which sonically explores an emotional journey through a cancer diagnosis. Turning such trauma into music is a powerful gift very few possess.
As a director, it was a dream to have the soundtrack before shooting a single frame. Not often do I get such freedom.
I’m so proud of everyone who worked on this unique project. It took TWO (long) YEARS to fully finish, traveling from LA to a little island in DENMARK called LIVØ.
We shot eleven films in eight days through wild & extreme environments. It wasn’t easy, and the fact that we finished (alive) is nothing short of a MIRACLE!
Our intention with THE FIFTY ELEVEN PROJECT was to build a video installation that slows down & isolates the audience through the audio-visual experience.
A series of films that explores one man’s journey through life & death, performed by the vigorous KRISTJAN INGIMARSSON
Making any film is challenging, but making a 2-hour film with no dialogue relying solely on his emotive performance was exigent.
A special THANK YOU! to my director of photography, SNORRE RUHE, producer KASPER NOTLEV & editor JEFF WATTERSON.
This is a project I’ll remember for the rest of my career & I thank everyone who donated their time & artistry. I hope you enjoy!
Please BE KIND to one-another.

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