Photo: Anne Mie Bak

Hannah Toticki

Storage of the Gods


– 01.09.24

The exhibition Storage of the Gods is about religion and faith, examining with humour, imagination, and gravity what it is like to live in an age without a shared sacred dimension greater than ourselves.

With her exhibition, Hannah Toticki sparks off a dialogue about postmodern man yearning for the divine, a sacred element to help give meaning to life.


Hannah Toticki – the big questions in life left to the individual


In tandem with religion playing an ever more insignificant role in society, life’s big questions are left to the individual to handle. However, at a time of crises and global challenges, people often find it difficult to navigate in an unpredictable and unmanageable world. Our times are characterised by a marked rise in stress, anxiety, and pronounced psychological disorders, notably in the young.

As part of the exhibition, Hannah Toticki will involve groups of young and elderly people and, via workshops, try to discover whether we need religious rituals or norms in our lives.

About Hannah Toticki

Hannah Toticki lives and works in Denmark. She has shown in the USA, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. Awarded the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year grant in 2022.