Project Art Works, Residential (2024), Installation view Copenhagen Contemporary. Photo: David Stjernholm.

Project Art Works



– 29.12.24

Residential is an exhibition and a making space created in collaboration with the British artist collective Project Art Works. Explore the whirl of colours, textures, patterns and motifs in paintings hung salon style and also take part in artistic co-creation in the open making space.

Exploring art’s potential for self-expression, Residential builds new spaces for communities. Here, everyone – regardless of language, body and ability – can explore creativity, materials and processes, and their connection to others, leaving evidence of their presence through art.

Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists working in the intersection of art, activism and social care, exploring the human rights of artistic expression and representation. Over the past 25 years, they have built a collection of more than 6000 works created by neurodivergent artists.

Their works are a powerful physical and visual testament of people who are too often marginalized. Residential reflects Project Art Works’ collaborative approach by offering an open art-making space where visitors can try out the collective’s methods firsthand. Works created during the exhibition will be hung, documenting visitors’ participation.

The collective’s work links to pioneers like the German artist Joseph Beuys and the Danish artist Poul Gernes, who focused on the social potential and responsibility of art and art institutions to transform the structures that shape our lives.

The project is unique in a Danish context and will shape CC’s practice and work going forward to increase representation in the art world and in society at large, bolstering CC’s position as a vibrant institution where everyone can share in the art experience.

Art workshops
Based on the method developed by Project Art Works, CC will undertake similar initiatives in collaboration with them, inviting neurodivergent groups to participate in creative explorations of the potential of the art institution. During the exhibition, you can participate in open art workshops that provide insight into Project Art Works’ methods. Ask an exhibition host for more information.

About Project Art Works

Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists and activists from Hastings, England. With over 6000 artworks, the Project Art Works archive represents the organisation’s history and an expansive collection of contemporary art available for loan. The collection includes paintings, prints and drawings encompassing a wide range of approaches to image-making from figuration to abstraction. Project Art Works participated in the latest documenta fifteen in Kassel, in summer 2022. In recent years, they have collaborated with many different art institutions in Europe, including Tate Liverpool and Museo Reina Sofia. Residential was previously exhibited at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, UK.