14.10.23 - 29.12.24

Jakob Martin Strid

Children's exhibition: The Fantastic Bus


Get ready for a journey through Jakob Martin Strid’s unique universe as CC Studio presents the children’s exhibition The Fantastic Bus.

With his distinct style and joyful storytelling, Strid has made an original contribution to children’s culture today. This fall, his largest book work to date will be released, and CC has been given the unique opportunity to showcase the original drawings behind it. The children’s book “The Fantastic Bus” is a magnificent story for all ages. The illustrations take us on a road trip through incredible landscapes, into the stratosphere, and further to the mythical land of Balanka to save little Timo.

With over 50 drawings, some measuring over 2 meters, the exhibition allows us to get up close to Strid’s universe. The drawings showcase his craftsmanship and creative process, where changes and new ideas emerge along the way. Strid’s world is populated by animals with strong personalities and bears witness to a special love for transportation. His stories are a satirical critique of unimaginative adults – and a tribute to imagination and friendships. In our drawing zones, inspired by Strid’s universe, we will give children the opportunity to tell their own stories. Special reading zones will invite families to immerse themselves in Strid’s books.

The Fantastic Bus can be experienced from October 14, 2023, until September 1, 2024, and the exhibition includes special events for children and their families during the autumn holiday, Christmas holiday, and winter holiday. Read more about our events here and in our app.

During the exhibition period, a special children’s menu will be available for purchase at CC’s café, Connie Connie.

The exhibition will afterwards be on view at Kunstmuseum Brandts.

About Jakob Martin Strid

Jakob Martin Strid (b. 1972) began his career with the comic series “We Hate Everything” and achieved popular breakthrough with the strip “STRID” in Politiken. Strid is known for his timeless and imaginative stories for children and has gained classic status. Strid masters both the sharp, satirical pen that skewers politicians and the poetically vivid pencil that draws fantastic stories for children. Over the years, Jakob Martin Strid has won numerous awards, including the Dan Turèll Prize, the Culture Prize of Children’s Librarians, the Orla Prize, the Ministry of Culture’s Illustrator Prize, and the Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Prize.

Gennem årene har Jakob Martin Strid vundet et utal af priser bl.a. Dan Turèll prisen, Børnebibliotekarernes Kulturpris, Orla-prisen, Kulturministeriets Illustratorpris og Kronprinsparrets Kulturpris.

About CC Studio

CC Studio is the name for Copenhagen Contemporary’s work with mediation and learning. It is both a physical space for learning at CC, and a term that describes the way we think and practice learning throughout the art centre. It is also a workshop space on the 1st floor, where one can become immersed in creative practice, through exploring materials, discovering new concepts, and think on existing ideas.

Along with our workshop, the 1st floor houses exhibition halls, as well as specially designed areas for individual learning, relaxation, and reflection.

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