Initiatives and collaborations

Social projects

CC Communities is a series of social projects that, based on art, create change together with children, youth, and adults from all parts of society. We forge new connections across cultures, areas, and industries, resulting in concrete initiatives such as workshops, artworks, and clubs.

Our method is developmental and investigative, and CC Communities are driven by curiosity and the desire to exchange experiences and expertise, cultivating relationships rooted in art. We strive to continually invite and engage new partners in our work.

Want to know more about CC Communities?

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Want to know more about CC Communities?

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Thursday Club

Every Thursday, a bus departs from Lundtoftegade in Nørrebro, travels through the city, and arrives at Copenhagen Contemporary on Refshaleøen. Our house fills with happy, creative, and energetic children aged 9-13 who come to engage in art here at CC. The Thursday Club is an after-school club for children living in the Lundtoftegade neighborhood, where each week the children create art, talk, play, eat snacks, discuss, and explore our changing exhibitions. The children also help organize their own vernissages at CC, where their creative projects are exhibited for family and friends invited to CC.

The club has its own club room where children are encouraged to unleash their imagination and creativity. At each club session, the children meet the same two regular key persons from CC, along with a fixed housing social worker from Nørrebrobyggerne, who acts as a bridge between CC and the children’s residential area.

CC has developed this leisure offering in collaboration with Nørrebrobyggerne, the housing social effort in Lundtoftegade AKB in Nørrebro, and the exhibition venue Til Vægs. With art at its core, the aim is for children to build new communities and strengthen self-esteem, well-being, and life skills.

Children who complete the club program have the opportunity to become pocket money workers at CC once they reach the age of 13. As pocket money workers, they have a designated contact person from CC who supports them in their first work experience.

Activism and art for ages 15-25


Kunstdemokraterne (the Art Democrats) is a community for young people aged 15-25 who come together to explore and work with art’s ability to express opinions and create change. They engage in art, activism, and democracy through various activities, workshops, events, and collaborations, focusing on important self-selected topics and translating their ideas into creative action.

Kunstdemokraterne has created a space where conversations, reflections, and inspirations are turned into actions and physical forms, often leading to concrete initiatives involving other young people. With art as its focal point, Kunstdemokraterne serves as a voice in society.

The group has created works for events such as the Folkemødet on Bornholm and the Youth Folkemøde, visited the Sjælsmark deportation center, collaborated with Ungdomsøen, organized banner workshops as part of the “Statement Studio” concept, initiated the poster campaign “Lyt Højere” in Copenhagen, and much more.

While art frames their work, one doesn’t need to be an artist to participate. The participants’ ideas set the agenda. Kunstdemokraterne meets every other Thursday in their workshop at CC – they eat together, work in the workshop, and develop projects further.


Any young person can join

Are you interested in learning more? Follow our Facebook group and join us at the next Thursday meeting. Contact if you want to know more.

Any young person can join

Are you interested in learning more? Follow our Facebook group and join us at the next Thursday meeting. Contact if you want to know more.

Previous projects

Here you will find a range of previous projects and collaborations.

Kunstdemokraterne x SUMH

In 2022, Kunstdemokraterne and the Association of Youth with Disabilities (SUMH) invited participants to an interactive art experiment focusing on and exploring the concept of TOLERANCE. The project concluded with an exhibition at CC on TOLERANCE, marking the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Kunstdemokraterne and SUMH.

Several artworks in the exhibition were created in collaboration with participants from the Folkemødet on Bornholm and the Youth Folkemøde in Valby. Participants contributed their thoughts on what tolerance is and what it means at present.

The TOLERANCE project is part of a two-year collaboration between Kunstdemokraterne and SUMH. Each year, we have participated in the Folkemødet on Bornholm, the Youth Folkemøde, and organized an event at CC in connection with International Disability Day on December 3rd.

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This collaboration also led in 2023 to the art project NATURE FOR ALL.

Special thanks to the Bevica Foundation for making this collaboration possible.

Herbergscentret Sundholm

CC has collaborated with residents and staff from the Sundholm Shelter Center. We held open art workshops for residents and users. Visual art created a special space where participants were invited to articulate impressions and emotions through words and concepts, fostering new communities, conversations, and understandings.

CC ✕ unge ordblinde fra FGU

Our collaboration with a group of young people with dyslexia from FGU (the Preparatory Basic Education) led them to create their own artwork inspired by Gudrun Hasle’s exhibition “Im hideng indart the ligt”. Like Hasle, who actively used her dyslexia in her art, these young individuals stepped into the light of vulnerability, using art to visualize their daily struggle with words. The collaboration resulted in a film, which you can watch below.

Madeleine and Isa appeared on Kulturen on P1 to discuss their own productions inspired by Hasle, and you can listen to their interview here.

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The collaboration between CC and FGU continues with annual creative sessions, where the art at CC provides the framework for students’ artistic projects.

CC ✕ Det Frie Gymnasium

Students from Det Frie Gymnasium were tasked with creating a film inspired by Christian Falsnaes’ exhibition LOOK AT ME, which was displayed at Copenhagen Contemporary in 2020. The purpose of the project was to work on a specific artistic case based on a set of constraints:

  • Produce a 2-minute film incorporating expertise from the three disciplines: media, design, and music.
  • Draw inspiration from the exhibition LOOK AT ME. You are free to explore individual elements, themes, etc., that the exhibition inspires you to work with.
  • The film should be experienced as a type of response or reaction to LOOK AT ME.
  • You should be able to refer back to or draw connections to the exhibition.

You can view the results in the film below:

Group 1Group 2, Group 3Group 4, Group 5Group 6