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Winter Holiday at Copenhagen Contemporary

There will be play, games, colours, experiments, and systems taking up the space of our exhibition halls during the winter holiday when CC stays open every day in the period from 10–16 February. You are invited to visit the children’s lab, the open workshop, and to take part in a workshop and guided tour hosted by the artist currently on show, Jacob Dahlgren. Participation is free of charge on the presentation of a valid ticket and admission is free for everyone under the age of 18. Explore the programme here below:
  • Open Workshop CC Studio’s first-floor workshop is open every day from 11.00–17.30. Together with our workshop assistants children and adults can work with different materials and methods inspired by Jacob Dahlgren’s exhibition Art is Life. Dahlgren creates art through play, games, and systems made from everyday objects – and you, too, will have an opportunity of trying it out in the workshop.
  • Höller's Lab for Children Every day at 14.00 our art communicators will be ready and waiting by the big mushroom in Carsten Höller’s exhibition Reproduction in Hall 1. Here we invite children inside to play and experiment in ways that engage several of their senses.
  • Be creative together with the artist: Open workshop with Jacob Dahlgren On Saturday and Sunday 15–16 February from 11.00–15.00 everybody is welcome to take part in the open workshop with artist Jacob Dahlgren, whose exhibition Art is Life is currently showing at CC.
  • Guided tour with artist Jacob Dahlgren On Saturday 15 February at 15.00 Jacob Dahlgren will host a tour for adults of the exhibition Art is Life.
  • Shortfilm Festival 60 Seconds For the second year in a row the short film festival 60Seconds projects specially selected films on CC’s facade. For a full week in February ten films, each lasting 60 seconds, will illuminate Refshaleøen after dark. The films are short, artistic silent movies selected by the 60Seconds jury on the basis of this year’s theme: RIGHT OR WRONG BROWSING YOUR CITY.
We look forward to seeing you!   Learn more about our current exhibitions here. Stay tuned on all our events here.

CC Studio

CC Studio is CC's learning initiative on the 1st floor with workshops, exhibitions and rooms for contemplation and relaxation. CC Studio is synonymous with the facilities, activities and learning programmes that Copenhagen Contemporary offers children and young people as well as adults. The idea behind CC Studio is to present contemporary art in innovative ways where learning and reflection on the world happen through a physical and dialogue-based encounter with art. Every year CC invites a recognised international artist to create a site-specific playscape for CC Studio. The exhibition aims to unite art and play in a physical and aesthetic experience. There will be a chance to touch, move about in, examine and use the exhibition, thereby activating body, eye and mind. Read more about CC Studio here.  

Jacob Dahlgren

Jacob Dahlgren (b.1970) lives and works in Stockholm where he was educated at the Royal Institute of Fine Art in 1999. His works are often colourful, involving the audience, and take as their point of departure a playful approach to art and life. His sculptural practice is minimalistic but will often have an interactive or performative element. Learn more about Jacob Dahlgren here.  

Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller was born in Brussels in 1961 and lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, and Biriwa, Ghana. Using his training as a scientist in his work as an artist, Carsten Höller’s primary concerns relate to the nature of human perception and self-exploration. He has undertaken many projects that invite viewer participation and interaction while questioning human behavior, perception and logic. Learn more about Carsten Höller here.

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