Invitation to dream workshop in the spirit of Gudrun Hasle

CC invites you and your friends and family to take part in a large-scale joint dream work where people’s ideas and dreams will be unveiled. The work will form part of Gudrun Hasle’s exhibition Im hideng indart the ligt, which opens in October and the collection of dreams will expand during the exhibition period.

With her exhibition Im hideng indart the ligt, Hasle attempts to capture the way we live and how our personalities are formed by the challenges we are faced with. Hasle’s point of departure is often her own sentiments, ideas, and dreams and she inspires visitors to bring their inner thoughts to light.

Read more about the exhibition here.


Gather a minimum of ten people from your network (friends, family, colleagues, for example) and book a workshop – together we’ll find a date. If there are twenty-four or more of you, we will split up the group.

Taking part in the workshop is free of charge and open to everyone. The only requirement being that you are able to write a few words.

To book a minimum of ten people: contact CC Studio at

The workshop lasts about one-and-a-half hours and includes the workshop, materials, and an introduction to the artist Gudrun Hasle.

Needless to say, we follow the recommendations for COVID-19 issued by the health authorities and we reserve the right to cancel events if government guidelines change.

You can book a workshop until the exhibition opens on 10 October 2020.

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