CC CARE x Gong and Sound Bath

Sun. 7. Jan. 11:30 - 13:30

Join us for a Gong and Sound Bath in the wonderful space at Copenhagen Contemporary with Ylenia Fiorini and finalize your newyear zen with full body art experience.

The vibration of a Gong is a powerful method for reducing stress and balance emotions. Known as a Gong Bath, the gong creates an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing and induces a holistic resonance in the body and spontaneous meditative state of mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness.

During the session you will relax while experiencing beautiful sounds of the instruments washing over you. The sound waves will help you to reach an internal state of silence and a deep sensorial relaxation.

You can choose to lying on a yoga mat, sit and close your eyes for a meditative experience or to walk around in a full sensorial experience.


Please bring your own yoga mat, cushion, blanket and eye mask or whatever you need to make yourself comfortable.



Check in and pick-up at the CC Foyer desk

11.30 – 12.30
Gong bath by Ylenia Fiorini in engelsk

12.30 -18.00
Discover CC on your own

Price: Entrance fee/membership card + DKK 160.


You must show ticket + membership card at the entrance.
Your membership card or paid entrance gives you access to CC on the day from 11.

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