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Copenhagen Contemporary invites everybody to participate in artistic experiments when the art laboratory Ingenmandsland (No Man’s Land) is open on Saturday 22nd of august between 11:00-15:00.

Come and join us in making food with 1,5 meter long tools, artistic investigations of distances, aesthetic processing of wondrous materials and smashing of beautiful lumps made of layers of materials from Refshaleøen.


About Ingenmandsland

Ingenmandsland is an experimenting art project developed by Rune Fjord STUDIO, designer Maria Viftrup and art mediator Amanda Luna with the desire to develop alternative methods to create social interaction and participatory sensuous experiences in the arts. Ingenmandsland performs various artistic experiments focused on investigations of distances, touch, surroundings, co-creation and social relations where users are always involved as important co-creators of the artistic processes.

At CC, the project takes place as a pop-up art laboratory in Hall 6 where involving stations invite to dialogue and interaction with guests. In this process the participants’ reactions, social interaction and dialogue is an important part of the laboratory’s further development and Ingenmandsland is constantly expanding along with the participants’ visits and contributions.

The project is supported by Statens Kunstfond and Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen’s pool for artistic summer activities.

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Kl. 11:00 Open experiments
Kl. 12:00 Alternative cooking with long tools
Kl. 13:00 Open experiments
Kl. 14:00 Lump smashing

Arrival at specific time and registration not necessary.

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