Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld & Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc, Dragon, rest your head on the seabed. Photo by Andrea Beade

Dangerous When Wet


– 02.10.22

A synchronised swimming performance, paintings shown in water, and bodies gliding in purple slime are among the highlights when, in the autumn of 2022, CC and the center for dance and choreography Dansehallerne jointly present the unique exhibition Dangerous When Wet curated by Mette Woller.

Dangerous When Wet is a group exhibition about love, examining how we are connected to ourselves and others. The project takes place in a swimming pool, a car wash, at Copenhagen Contemporary, and in Dansehallerne.

In their works, the artists Tamara Alegre, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Nunu Flashdem, Kinga Bartis, Nicholas Grafia, Freja Sofie Kirk, Linda Lamignan, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld & Federico Vladimir Pezdirc, and Cæcilie Trier examine love, identity, and sexuality based on water and wet environments. The exhibition zooms in on collective forms of love and self-love as positive alternatives in a world that becomes ever more divided and where water, apart from being a major part of our bodies, links us across national borders.