Children’s exhibition: The Fantastic Bus by Jakob Martin Strid

Sat. 14. Oct. 11:00 - 17:30

Join us on a family journey through Jakob Martin Strid’s unique universe when CC Studio welcomes children and adults to the exhibition opening of The Fantastic Bus!

Saturday, October 14, 2023, is all about childhood as CC celebrates the opening of Strid’s exhibition with candyfloss, treasure hunts, collaborative drawing, and family workshops from the moment we open until closing.

Strid has made a considerable contribution to children’s culture with his distinctive drawing and great joy of storytelling. With over 50 drawings, the exhibition takes us deep into Strid’s universe, where children and adults can embark on a journey through fantastic landscapes, into the stratosphere, and beyond to the mythical land of Balanka to rescue little Timo.

During the exhibition opening, you can visit CC’s workshop, where children of all ages have the opportunity to tell their own stories inspired by Strid’s universe or immerse themselves in CC’s special reading zones. In addition, children can leave their mark on The Fantastic Bus as we create a large, collaborative bus drawing or go on a treasure hunt to find new passengers to board the bus.

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Strid has made an original contribution to children’s culture with his distinctive style and great storytelling joy. This fall, his largest book work to date will be released, and here at CC we have been given the unique opportunity to showcase the original drawings behind the magnificent story for all ages.

With over 50 drawings, some measuring over 2 meters, the exhibition allows us to get up close to Strid’s universe. The drawings showcase his craftsmanship and creative process behind The Fantastic Bus, where changes and new ideas emerge along the way. Strid’s world is populated by animals with strong personalities and bears witness to a special love for transportation. His stories are a satirical critique of unimaginative adults – and a tribute to imagination and friendships.

The Fantastic Bus can be experienced from October 14, 2023, until April 1, 2024, and the exhibition includes special events for children and their families during the autumn holiday, Christmas holiday, and winter holiday.


Access to the event after paid admission


CC and the children’s bar open with free juice valid while supplies lasts in the children’s lounge

Opportunity to purchase the special Strid kids menu in café Connie Connie


Welcome speech by mayor of culture and leisure Mia Nyegaard
[in Danish]


The exhibition opens

11.00 – 17.30 – Activities in the workshop

We will create a large collaborative bus drawing in the children’s lounge, in addition to the activities in the exhibition

Free balloons in the workshop

12.00, 13.00 & 15.00 Strid treasure hunt

Help find missing passengers for the bus throughout the building

The treasure hunt starts in the Foyer. Note: limited number of participants to ensure the best experience possible

13:00 – 16:00
Free Candy Floss in the children’s lounge


The workshop closes


End of the day

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