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What is CC Community?

CC Community is a series of art projects for change, involving children, young people, and adults from all walks of life. We reconnect across cultures, areas, and sectors, resulting in concrete initiatives such as workshops, youth teams, clubs, etc., hoping to constantly invite and engage new collaboration partners. Our method is developmental and explorative and CC Community Projects are driven by curiosity and a quest to exchange experience and knowhow and cultivate relationships based on art.

CC Community develops challenging ideas concerning how the art institution of the future might open up and unfold its resources to the vast majority – also those who do not tend to visit exhibition venues much. We work actively to demonstrate that art is valuable to society.



Learning with art and an opening

Mini-pavilions filled with favorite foods, fast boats, and homeland memories. The project I can create came to an end with an opening at CC April 28th. The pupils from the class with newly arrived teenagers, and countries like Uganda, Thailand, and more, talked – mostly in Danish – about their art works, ideas, thoughts, challenges, and about trying out and adjusting as you go along. Like, for instance, when a clay construction is acting up.


Receiving class at CC

Ships, self-portraits, food dishes, and houses in clay. All through April, the pupils from the class with newly arrived teenagers, 8.M at Rådmandsgade School, created small works in clay at CC while talking and getting to know each other and the space. The project, I can create, is developed by project manager Kirsten Rotbøll Lassen in cooperation with CC. Lars Emmerik Knudsen, researcher at DPU, Danish School of Education, is now working through the project data examining the impact that working with art and the senses may have for the young in the class of newly arrived teenagers. 


Drawings by The Thursday Club

When you visit CC, you can take the Sports Magazine with you and use it as a guide to experience the exhibitions Art of Sport and Short Story. The magazine contains questions and tasks for the artworks, exciting articles and much more. To make the Sports Magazine, we received special help from our friends; The Thursday club, and many of the drawings you find in the magazine are drawn by them. Read along when CC opens again soon!


CC Thursday Club

During the second lockdown CC Studio’s art educator visited CC’S Thursday Club at their home in Lundtoftegade.
The club produced drawings for an upcoming exhibition magazine and they gave a tour of their neighbourhood. While drinking lemonade and eating candy there was a debate about whether or not “rum cakes” taste good.


Interview with Nadia Nadim

Huda and Yasmin from the Thursday Club got the opportunity to interview their sport idol, the football player, Nadia Nadim through Zoom. The girls play football themselves and spoke to Nadia about how it sometimes can be difficult to be the only girls in the field.


Thursday Club

Every Thursday at 16.00-18.00, a group of children from Lundtoftegade visits CC Studio in our Thursday’s Club. The club is a collaboration between Til Vægs and the leisure club in the area. The club visits the exhibitions and stay in their very own club room here at CC. We have competitions, creative activities and much much more..


Dream workshop with Gudrun Hasle

Artist Gudrun Hasle is creating an artwork for her exhibition at CC by gathering small dream works. We invited guests to the first dream workshop at CC, but also visited a homeless shelter and local children who contributed to the work.


The Week of Kunstdemokraterne (Art Democrats)

Kunstdemokraterne (the Art Democrats) is a youth community at CC, working with art and democracy. During this week we gathered knowledge from inspiring guests for the work of Kunstdemokraterne. We talked about art, democracy and activism.


Summer week for families

As a closing of the week, where families worked with art at CC, we held a vernissage at the community house in Vermundsgade, Nørrebro. The exhibition was highly inspired by the works from In Focus: Statements, consisting of flags, banners and posters.


Banner workshop with Kunstdemokraterne

As a part of Statement Studio, Kunstdemokraterne (the Art Democrats) invited to a banner workshop. They discussed statements, what they contain and what makes them strong. All banners were hung in the Statement Studio container as a part of the exhibition In Focus: Statements. 


Opening of Art Container

As a part of the collaborative art project Usynlige Stier, the Art Container at Krakas Plads opened with vernissage, artists talks and DJs. The container is a place for artistic dialog and co-creation between local citizens and local organisations.


Statement Studio

When In Focus: Statements opened in June, so did Statement Studio. Statement Studio is a workshop where you can create your own statement. You can paint, print, draw and make your own badge so that you can wear your statement on your clothes.


Summer school

Throughout the summer CC invited kids to join our summer schools. We worked with the exhibitions, the island and the nature around us and creating artworks. The summer schools were finished with an exhibition of the kids’ artworks at CC.


Education during COVID-19

When the schools had to use alternative classrooms during COVID-19, CC Studio moved the workshop to Nørrebro to teach a group of kids from Nørre Fælledsskole. The students created their own Fortune Cookies inspired by the work of Felix Gonzales-Torres.

Vis flere

Vis færre

From Invisible Paths to the
Area Development Skjolds Plads

In the years 2019-2022 CC was a partner in Invisible Paths, a project supported by the Danish Palaces and Culture Agency’s pool for art and culture in residential areas.

The project took place in the neighbourhood of Sigynsgade in Copenhagen, and the project participants were owner association, association of co-housing flats, the housing associations VIBO and Bo-Vita, artists, residents, and CC.

Since 2018, CC has collaborated with the Integration Plan of the area. In the project, art was the turning point for achieving the project objectives concerning more safety as well as new communities crossing age groups, social, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Residents and artists collaborated about alternative ways to create art together via artistic apprenticeship, co-creation, art trips, workshops, and participation in the Art Club. More than 10 professional visual artists participated. CC had a seat on the board, in the method group, and in the Art Club.

The members of the Art Club were all residents in the area around Krakas Plads. Everyone – children, youths, and adults – could be members. We met to experience, discuss, and create art together, and the club also had formal tasks deciding which artists were to develop art works and activities in the area.

Art Container and other art works

As part of the project, CC established, in collaboration with residents, artists, and the Integration Plan Our Neighbourhood, an Art Container on Krakas Plads, and a number of other temporary art works were created in the area – among others an art garden.

The Art Club continues their work driving art works and art spaces, and now the activities with art as a method for change continue via a collaboration between CC and the Area Development Skjolds Plads.

CC hopes to continue the close collaboration with the residential area in many different ways, among others with the free time jobbers from the residential area, bus trips with visits to CC, and family weeks in the summer.


Kunstdemokraterne (the Art Democrats) at Copenhagen Contemporary is a community of youngsters aged 15–25 working with art, politics, activism, and democracy via various activities, events, workshops, and collaborative projects.

Kunstdemokraterne have created a space where dialogue, reflection, and inspiration are converted into action and physical shapes and the group’s work often leads to concrete initiatives involving other young people. With art as a pivot, Kunstdemokraterne constitutes a voice in society.

The group created an artwork for the ‘Ungdommens Folkemøde’ (youth rally), visited the Sjælsmark departure centre for rejected asylum seekers, collaborated with Ungdomsøen (youth island), arranged a banner workshop as part of the concept ‘Statement Studio’, organised the poster campaign ‘Lyt Højere’ (listen up) in Copenhagen, and much more.

All youngsters can take part

Art provides the framework for the work of Kunstdemokraterne (the Art Democrats), but you don’t have to be an artist to take part. Participants’ ideas set the agenda.
Kunstdemokraterne meet every other Thursday in the group’s workshop at CC – they eat together, work in the workshop, and develop projects.

If you would like to know more, you can follow their Facebook group, turn up for the next Thursday meeting, or contact Emma Sofie Jensen at

Kunstdemokraterne receive financial support from the Roskilde Fonden.

Thursday Club

Workshops, artworks, discussions, noise, and games. When the Thursday Club, an out-of-school club for the 10-15-year-olds living in Lundtoftegade, takes over the art centre, the house is a hive of activity. The club now has its own club room and, with art hosts, they engage in activities throughout the centre as well as outside. The idea is to invite their families, too.

CC has designed this out-of-school activity together with Nørrebrobyggerne, a social initiative in Lundtoftegade in the Nørrebro district, and the exhibition venue Til Vægs. The goal was to develop an initiative to offer artistic leisure activities on a group basis and surrounded by art to give the youngsters an opportunity to experience art as a path to bolster creativity, joy, and self-confidence. In the long term, the youngsters could perhaps work at CC in their spare time.

New Competences receives financial support from the Sportgoodsfonden.




Interview with Nadia Nadim

In connection with the exhibition Art of Sport, CC Studio has made a sports magazine. Here, members of the Thursday Club have contributed with drawings, competitions and much more. Huda and Yasmin from the club have even had the luck of interviewing their biggest idol, the football player Nadia Nadim!

Read along in their interview here.