Lars Greve

En verden, der melder sig


– 20.02.22

With his clarinet, the Danish sound artist Lars Greve adds sound to Copenhagen Contemporary’s 600 m2 Hall 6. A more than 100-metre-long ventilation pipe, which was once part of the shipyard B&W’s welding hall, is brought to life with sounds and music that invite guests to move to a unique listening experience.

During the winter holidays woodwind player and composer Lars Greve transforms CC’s Hall 6 into a resonating space. Over a period of seven days Greve will perform fourteen improvised sound installations in the old welding hall whose architecture and extensive ventilation system become a huge instrument unlocking new sonic dimensions.

Greve is intent on finding out how to give us, as listeners, a feeling that the music resonates within us. He grew up surrounded by sea and forest in Western Jutland and plays the clarinet so that it doesn’t merely sound like a clarinet, but more like the nature that shaped him. Greve is on an existential journey of discovery, exploring the music whose slow and insistent tempo invites guests to join in.

Using an extensive set-up developed by Greve himself, the clarinet’s sound is amplified through Hall 6’s 100-metre-long ventilation pipe. The sound of the metal differs from one place to another, and the character of the sound changes as the guests move around the room and feel the vibrations.
Greve transforms the pipes into a pulsating lung mechanism – you can feel the sound, lean into the sound, shape the sound and let it grow into an inner resonance. Resonance will create physical vibrations that can be translated into something emotional; a mood will strike a chord with the individual listener, amplifying something within her or him.

Greve has chosen to leave Hall 6 as it is, so the incoming light, weather and guests will all be part of the experience. The sound installations will take place both in daylight and after dark, with Greve playing by musical intuition in a symbiosis with the space and the audience. No two of the fourteen sound installations will be identical. There are no rows of chairs, no stage elevation – just Greve with his clarinets in the resonating space. Young and old alike are invited to move silently about in order to listen to a world unfolding.


About Lars Greve

Lars Greve (b.1983) graduated as a soloist from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen where he has been part of their Artistic Research Programme as an affiliate since 2019, doing research on resonance. As part of his musical career he has performed with a host of Danish and international artists and received numerous awards for his music for releases, films and theatre and dance performances. As artistic director of the independent institution Resonating Rooms, Greve is also a major driving force behind contemporary cultural projects. His vision is to develop and sustain broad popular communities through inter-aesthetic collaborations, an approach that has spawned a number of relevant and thought-provoking works, of which the most recent are Solhverv (Solstice), a portrait of his native region created together with the art photographer Fryd Frydendahl, and the solo album Dødedans (Dance of Death), an aluminium cover weighing three kilos, created in collaboration with the sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar.


About Resonating Rooms

En verden, der melder sig is one of several projects that Greve is running on the platform Resonating Rooms – a cultural institution for contemporary music focusing on approachable and innovative music projects. Resonating Rooms is a ‘school’ for modern contemporary music, but not a school in the traditional sense. It is neither built of bricks nor filled with students and teachers. It is a school in the original meaning of the word, namely ‘leisure or free time’ – a free space focused on development and education through new music.

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En verden, der melder sig has received generous financial support from the William Demant Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation and is presented in collaboration with Resonating Rooms.


In week 7 there will be two daily performances which you can access with a valid entrance ticket to CC.

Each one will last for approximately 40 minutes. Space is limited, so please sign up on arrival at CC


Monday 14 February: 12.00 and 15.00

Tuesday 15 February: 12.00 and 15.00

Wednesday 16 February: 12.00 and 15.00

Thursday 17 February: 15.00 and 20.00

Friday 18 February: 12.00 and 15.00

Saturday 19 February: 12.00 and 15.00

Sunday 20 February: 12.00 and 15.00