Opening: Karl Troels Sandegård

Join us for the opening of Danish artist Karl Troels Sandegård’s exhibition, The High Seas of Your Intrinsic Ocean, Thursday 8 September at CC.
In his exhibition Sandegård unfolds the fourth state of water, presenting a number of mutable jelly sculptures indoors and outdoors at CC and drip by drip across the city. Next month, Denmark is hosting the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition. Marking the occasion, Sandegård is exploring water as an invaluable resource for all living things, based on the concept of water as a messenger, fuel or vehicle transmitting essential substances and information to organisms.


Kl. 16.00 Refreshments are served and a special jelly snack to first guests
Kl. 16.15 Welcome speech by CC’s director Marie Laurberg
Kl. 16.30 Music and free entry to all of CC’s exhibitions
Kl. 17.00 Thanks for coming – it’s possible to experience CC’s exhibitions until 21.00 at normal entry price

This exhibition is made possible with the support of The Danish Arts Foundation.

About the artist

Karl Troels Sandegård (b. 1979) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2007. He lives and works near Copenhagen. The link between art and science is a recurring interest in Sandegård’s practice. Often using his own body as a jumping-off point, he investigates physical and tactile aspects of the world to illuminate the complexity and mutability of our surroundings.

About The High Seas of Your Intrinsic Ocean

The potential of water is a recurring theme in Karl Troels Sandegård’s art. Until now, he has worked with the three familiar states of water – solid, liquid and gas, better known as ice, water and vapour. Now, The High Seas of Your Intrinsic Ocean launches an investigation into the more mysterious nature of water: its fourth state, the jelly-like plasma that is created when water is absorbed by a human or plant body. During the exhibition, Sandegård will keep working on the sculptures in an open lab outside CC, where visitors can track their creation. The sculptures on display are still works in progress. Over time, they naturally turn into liquid water and vapour. Read more here.

The High Seas of your Intrinsic Ocean is presented in collaboration with the innovative water technology company Aquaporin, in relation to the international water congress taking place at Bellacentret 11-15 September 2022.

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