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Elmgreen & Dragset

Join us on Thursday 24 June when we invite two of the greatest international contemporary artists Elmgreen & Dragset to a talk about their artistic practice.

In a conversation with CC’s director Marie Nipper, Elmgreen & Dragset will, among other things, talk about the creation of their exhibition Short Story, which can be experienced at CC right now, and which will the setting for the talk.

The conversation will thus be a unique opportunity to get an insight into the artist duo’s work process, and to learn more about the way they work with installation art and sculpture.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


About Elmgreen and Dragset

Elmgreen & Dragset (Michael Elmgreen, Copenhagen, Denmark and Ingar Dragset, Trondheim, Norway, live and work in Berlin) pursue questions of identity and belonging from a socio-cultural perspective in their artistic practice. Since 1995, they have been working together at the interface of art, design and architecture with a focus on sculpture and installation. Many of their works seem caught between an action that has just happened or is about to occur. Story telling is a driving force in the artists’ approach, where narratives are often built and suggested through precise presentations of transient situations. Their works often challenge the institutional context in which they are exhibited, both spatially and in relation to their attendant politics.


About Short Story

With their installation Short Story, the Danish-Norwegian artist duo Emgreen & Dragset have transformed Copenhagen Contemporary’s Hall 2 into the setting of a tennis court. When entering the gallery space, visitors will encounter an almost full-size tennis court, slightly raised off the ground. The net and the painted lines mark the rules of play on the orange-brown court, framing a silent scene where three figurative sculptures FloKev and Bogdan are the protagonists. Elmgreen & Dragset’s Short Story is like a film-still that captures a charged moment after a tennis match – but it is up to the audience to complete the abrupt narratives frozen before them in time and space. In Short Story we are left looking for answers or explanations. Three characters stand before you, but subtle and contextualizing narratives remain elusive. Instead, we enter a space that invites reflection on topics such as competition, individualism, inclusion and exclusion. Learn more about the installation here.


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The ticket gives, in addition to the talk, access to all CCs exhibitions. 

We recommend that you early and visit the exhibition in advance of the art talk.

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