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Art Talk: Sam Durant

Join us on Saturday 5 September at 13:00, when the American artist Sam Durant will talk about Labyrinth – the artwork which is a part of the critically acclaimed exhibition In Focus: Statements, which opened at Copenhagen Contemporary in June.
In collaboration with former prison inmate Rune Sabroe and curator Jannie Haagemann, the story of the work is unfolded during an art talk followed by a walk through the maze led by the art centre’s young ambassador corps, Kunstdemokraterne (the Art Democrats).

Labyrinth in a COVID-19 context

Sam Durant’s Labyrinth was originally created in 2015, and as part of a rehabilitation project for inmates in Philadelphia, the work focused on the human and social costs of being incarcerated.
For the past two months, a new version of Labyrinth has been on display at CC. Here the work has become a platform for new statements and conversations about how we experience times right now, where large parts of the world are still very affected by COVID-19.
Sam Durant’s work invites everyone to contribute – including the voices that have not yet been heard and that have been particularly isolated from the outside world during this lockdown. Therefore, during the exhibition period, CC has invited a number of individuals and groups, whose voices are often not heard in the public debate, to participate in the creation of the work.
The artwork consists of a large labyrinth made out of wire fences. On the fence you can mount your own message or statement using different materials. In this way, you can contribute and also experience the voices of others while moving around the maze.
On September 5, Sam Durant will talk about his artistic work in conversation with curator Jannie Haagemann and Rune Sabroe. Rune has previously been imprisoned and has contributed to Labyrinth. CC invited him and other prison inmates to share with us how the COVID-19 lockdown has affected them.
After the talk, the Art Democrats – CC’s community for young people between the ages of 15-25 – invite guests into the Labyrinth. The Art Democrats work with art and democracy and will show some of the personal messages of isolation, loneliness and hope that are now part of the work.
We follow the recommendations of the health authorities and reserve the right to cancel the event if changes in the COVID-19 guidelines should occur.


13:00-13:45: Art talk with Sam Durant, former prison inmate Rune Sabroe and art curator Jannie Haagemann
14:00-15:00: Experience Labyrinth with the Art Democrats.

The event requires no registration and is free after admission to Copenhagen Contemporary’s exhibitions has been paid.

The talk will be held in english.

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