Experience art through learning and play

CC Studio is a new learning space centered around the idea of collaborative experiences.

CC Studio is synonymous with the facilities, activities and learning programmes that Copenhagen Contemporary offers children and young people as well as adults. We believe that art is a unique starting-point for learning and that it can provide a framework for shared experience, activities, play and conversation. Art is able to constitute the basis for a formative development which turns us into active and engaged citizens. The idea behind CC Studio is to present contemporary art in innovative ways where learning and reflection on the world happen through a physical and dialogue-based encounter with art.

Every year we invite a recognised international artist to create a site-specific total installation for CC Studio. The exhibition aims to unite art and play in a physical and aesthetic experience. There will be a chance to touch, move about in, examine and use the exhibition, thereby activating body, eye and mind. CC Studio offers various programmes designed for institutions and families with children, but also for higher education students, workplaces and other groups that might be interested.


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Annette Skov
Head of Learning

Karen Bohøj
Art Educator

Ditte Meyer Nielsen
Art Educator