Science & Contemporary Art


– 30.12.22

In Hall 4, CC shows the exhibition Science & Contemporary Art, which examines the connection between science and art. The artworks featured are Fibonacci I (Magenta, Cyan, Yellow) by Ann Linn Palm Hansen, TIMELIGHT II (Los Angeles, GMT -7 hours) by AVPD, and 360° Illusion II by Jeppe Hein.

Science & Contemporary Art invites everyone to take part in activities associated with space, light, colours, and shapes. The activities are based on the works of art shown in the hall. There are also zones where you can build with LEGO and DUPLO, make studies of the sky, and build your own work of art.


Ann Linn Palm Hansen – Fibonacci I


Ann Linn Palm Hansen has created the sculptural object Fibonacci I (Magenta, Cyan, Yellow), 2021, which examines how colours are used to create three-dimensional spaces and objects. The object is made in painted paper shaped as a large spiral constructed in keeping with the principles of the golden spiral, which, according to the Fibonacci number system, is endlessly expandable. Similar spiral patterns are found in nature in sunflower heads and cauliflower bouquets.




AVPD presents the work TIMELIGHT II (Los Angeles, GMT -7 hours), comprising neon tubes connected to a light sensor placed in southern California. Via the Internet, information is transmitted to the light panel here at CC, thus reproducing Californian light conditions in real time, creating a concrete link between CC and Los Angeles.


Jeppe Hein – 360° Illusion II


Jeppe Hein’s works often starts a dialogue with the space in which they are shown. They invite us to see the space in new ways, making us co-creators of the artwork.
In the work 360° Illusion II, two mirror surfaces meet at an angle. The two large surfaces rotate slowly, thus showing an upside-down reflection of the surroundings. Not only does the rotating effect draw attention to our own bodies in the space, it also invites a study of the architecture of the space.

Science Art Club

Every Thursday from 14‒18 during the exhibition period, there will be an open science club for children and young adults.
Everyone is welcome, and you just come and go as you wish.

Taking part in all activities is free after you have paid the admission fee. Learn more here.

Science & Contemporary Art receives financial support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and The LEGO Foundation.


Film by: Farzad Soleimani